Young At Heart Unity Club

The aim of the club is to improve the lives of our club members.  The minimum age of membership is 50.  There is no upper age limit and most of our members are between 80 and 90.  The club opens at no specific time although most arrive between 1.30 and 2.00p.m., when friends can meet up for fellowship over a cup of tea and biscuit and on special occasions cake - usually a birthday.  There is some form of entertainment for about forty-five minutes from 2.30p.m. and after this notices and information is given to members.

We take an active interest in the welfare of our members who sometimes come with problems on their minds and just need a friendly word or reassurance about something.  Help and advice is freely given to those who ask for it.

The Club meets every Friday afternoon at the Club Hampshire Hall from 1.45 to 3.45pm where members meet their friends for a good old chat, have a cup of tea and have a variety of excellent entertainment. Members with any form of disability are brought in by transport and in addition JR organises various trips during the year the most popular of which is the annual Mystery Trip.

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