The aim of the club is to improve the lives of our club members. The minimum age of membership is 50. There is no upper age limit and most of our members are between 80 and 90. The club opens at no specific time although most arrive between 1.30 and 2.00p.m., when friends can meet up for fellowship over a cup of tea and biscuit and on special occasions cake - usually a birthday. There is some form of entertainment for about forty-five minutes from 2.30p.m. and after this notices and information is given to members. The meeting finishes between 3.30 and 3.45p.m. We are only closed for eight weeks in the year, two weeks at both Christmas and Easter and four weeks in the summer.

Some of our members have limited mobility and we organise transport for these people. It may be the only time in the week when some of them are able to get out of their homes. We make a minimal charge for this. We have a few small stalls, which are very much frequented as they provide members with the opportunity to buy birthday cards, marmalade, good quality second hand clothes, books and jigsaws. We have a weekly raffle, which has items supplied by members, often tinned goods, biscuits and such like.

The club is located in Gosport and can be found below.

We try to keep our members active mentally by providing them with nine letters and a clue to see if they can work out the nine letter word the letters will spell. There is a small monetary prize for the winner.

The entertainment varies from week to week and is often in the form of music - many different types of music from classical to sing songs of the 1930's music or the pop music of the 50's and 60's - or talks from local people - often with slide shows. These might be about local history, matters of local or national interest. We also have speakers who can help our members be aware of grants or benefits which they might be eligible for, where they can go to find out more and how to apply. We recently had the fire brigade visit and they organised visits to all members who wanted help with fitting or repairing smoke alarms in their properties. We occasionally have some one in who will help members with simple exercises which can be done in the home to help their mobility and balance. We try to keep our members abreast of the latest scams that are going around the area so that they will not fall for these as so many are very realistic.

We take an active interest in the welfare of our members who sometimes come with problems on their minds and just need a friendly word or reassurance about something. Help and advice is freely given to those who ask for it.

Particularly in the warmer summer months we run trips and outings which are often subsidised, some substantially. These may be trips into the country with a cream tea, a boat trip on a river or to a local show. We often use the local coach which will take wheel chair users so no one need feel left out. Our members know that limited mobility on a trip is never a problem. The most popular trip of the year is the mystery trip which runs in the summer four-week break so that members do not feel so isolated. This is usually a full day trip and a meal is provided. There is a prize of a free Christmas lunch for any one who can guess where we are going when we are more than five miles away from the destination. Last year we went to the Heavy Horse Centre in the New Forest.

We also have a group which plays the lottery each week. We find we have more success with the Thunderball than the main Lotto. We do not charge for the weeks the club is not meeting and usually hand out a share of the winnings just before the Christmas break.

Although a charity ourselves we also raise funds for a charity each year. We have a large jar into which members add donations. This year we are raising money for the RNLI. Last year it was for our local hospice, The Rowans, and before that the Gosport and Fareham Inshore Rescue Service.

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