The Mayor and Mayoress Visit the Club

We are very fortunate to have a strong band of willing helpers who help to
run our club. This includes help with setting up the room before people arrive
and tidying away at the end of the afternoon, making cups of tea and taking
biscuits round and washing it all up afterwards. Some people organise the
entertainment and day trips out, collect the money for the afternoon, sell raffle
tickets, take lottery and trip money. There are a hundred and one other things
which might need doing, all undertaken eagerly and efficiently.

Gosport Voluntary Action awards certificates to volunteers who have been
helping in this way. The mayor and mayoress came to our club to award
certificates to ten of our members:-

Philip Francis, Lily Mitchell and Eddie Baron were awarded one year

Ron Doherty, Pat Barnett and Brian Barnett were awarded five year

Heather Francis and Noelle Doherty were awarded ten year certificates.

Dora Roger and John Rogers were awarded life-time awards.

The mayor and mayoress spent time talking tomembers after the awards were
handed out.

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